Search Engine Optimization

What is SEO?

The goal of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is to make your site show up near the top of a Google search. The problem is everyone wants their site to show up first.

The more competition you have, the more work you’ll have to do to stay on top of Google. Once you reach the top, you’ll have to constantly defend your top ranking.

How Google Works

Google downloads the large majority of the Web’s billions of pages of information. It then indexes each page based on hundreds of factors.


Google wants to show results that will make users happy. This means your website should be easy to use. A Google-friendly website is simple to navigate, fast, and easy to read on any device.


In 2015, Google introduced mobile-friendly as a new website standard. Your site needs to be easy to use on mobile devices. Test out your website pages using Google’s mobile-friendly test.

Fast & Reliable Hosting

Google regularly checks your site speed and reliability. Faster, more reliable sites are given higher rank. Stay away from cheap web hosting if you want to stay competitive.

We offer the unmatched reliability with managed cloud hosting to keep your website up and running fast—all of the time.

Google Ads

Sometimes Google will display ads that look very similar to organic search results. Ads will only show up if they are relevant to your search.

Create and manage online ads with a Google Ads account. Set your monthly budget and only pay for results.